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Tata Rallis Flowbor

Flowbor is a liquid formulation of Boron-Containing Boron ethanolamine produced by Tata Rallis

  • Composition: Flowbor contains Boron-Containing Boron ethanolamine.

  • Solubility: It is mentioned to be completely soluble in water, which suggests it can be easily mixed for application.

  • Application: Flowbor is mentioned to be efficient for foliar application, which means it can be applied directly to the leaves.

  • Benefits in Tea Plants: When added to tea plants, Flowbor is claimed to enhance the transport of sugar, phosphate, and calcium. Additionally, it is mentioned to increase the number of shoots and shoot length.

  • Role as a Plant Growth Promoter: Flowbor is described as a plant growth promoter, indicating that its use may contribute to improved flowering and fruiting in plants.

Tata Rallis Flowbor

PriceFrom ₹249.00
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