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Progibb Easy (Gibberellic 40% WSG)

ProGibb Easy is considered the world's most widely used natural plant growth regulator based on gibberellic acid. Additionally, the certification by OMRI

  • Quick Dissolving:

    • ProGibb Easy dissolves quickly and completely in water.
  • High Gibberellic Acid Content:

    • It contains 10% more gibberellic acid than normal gibberellic acid.
  • Enhanced Crop Quality:

    • Contributes to the production of marketable quality grapes.
    • Provides a more attractive shine to the grapes.
  • Increased Fruit Size:

    • Promotes the enlargement of fruits in grape plants.
  • Stability:

    • Demonstrates stability over time, even in a wide range of temperatures.
  • Improved Cluster Characteristics:

    • Leads to more elongation and loose clusters in grape plants.

Progibb Easy (Gibberellic 40% WSG)

PriceFrom ₹115.00
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