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Dhanuka Spectrum (Azoxystrobin 11% + Tebuconazole 18.3% SC)

Spectrum contains Azoxystrobin at 11% and Tebuconazole at 18.3% (w/w) in a Suspension Concentrate (SC) formulation.

Mode of Action: Azoxystrobin belongs to the Strobilurin class, inhibiting respiration in fungi.

Tebuconazole is a Triazole fungicide, inhibiting ergosterol synthesis in fungi.

The combination of these two active ingredients provides a powerful dual-mode of action against fungal pathogens.

Chemistry: Described as a powerful combination of Triazole and Strobilurin chemistries, suggesting a broad-spectrum and effective approach to controlling various fungal diseases.

Movement in Plants: Spectrum is claimed to exhibit both systemic and translaminar movement within plants.

Systemic movement implies that it is absorbed and translocated within the plant, providing protection throughout.

Translaminar movement suggests the ability to move through the leaf, reaching both upper and lower surfaces.

Rapid Dispersal: Mentioned as dispersing rapidly in the plant system, indicating quick uptake and movement.

Dhanuka Spectrum (Azoxystrobin 11% + Tebuconazole 18.3% SC)

PriceFrom ₹499.00
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