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Dhanuka Godiwa Super

Godiwa Super is a combination fungicide with Azoxystrobin and Difenoconazole.

Composition: Godiwa Super contains Azoxystrobin at 18.2% W/W and Difenoconazole at 11.4% W/W in a suspension concentrate (SC) form.

Dual Systemic Action: It is described as a dual systemic broad-spectrum fungicide, indicating that it has both protective and curative actions. This means it can work to prevent the occurrence of fungal diseases as well as treat existing infections.

Broad-Spectrum Fungicide: The fungicide is designed to have a wide range of activity against various types of fungi, providing comprehensive disease control.

Crop Health Improvement: In addition to disease control, Godiwa Super is claimed to improve crop health. This can contribute to overall plant vigor and resilience to environmental stressors.

Quality and Yield Enhancement: The product is said to not only protect crops from diseases but also enhance the quality and yield of the crop. This could potentially lead to healthier and more productive harvests.

Dhanuka Godiwa Super

PriceFrom ₹699.00
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