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Dhanuka Dhanulux is an insecticide containing Quinalphos 25% EC

Broad Spectrum Activity:

Dhanulux exhibits broad-spectrum activity, meaning it is effective against a wide range of insect pests.

It is particularly noted for its efficacy against bollworms on cotton and various pests such as stem borers, leaf folders, green leaf hoppers, and hispa on rice.

Initial and Residual Toxicity:

Dhanulux is reported to have both good initial toxicity (immediate effectiveness upon application) and residual toxicity (long-lasting effectiveness over time).

This ensures that it provides effective control of target pests both upon application and for a sustained period afterward.

Target Pests:

In cotton crops, Dhanulux targets bollworms, a common and destructive pest that can cause significant damage to cotton plants and reduce yields.

In rice crops, it targets pests such as stem borers, leaf folders, green leaf hoppers, and hispa, which can also cause substantial yield losses if left unchecked.

Application Method:

Dhanulux is typically applied as a spray to the foliage of crops or directly to areas where target pests are present. It is essential to ensure thorough coverage for effective control.

Dhanuka Dhanulux (Quinalphos 25% EC)

PriceFrom ₹389.00
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