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Bayer Decis 100 (Deltamethrin 11% EC)
  • Remarkable Knockdown Effect:

    • Deltamethrin demonstrates a notable knockdown effect, indicating its ability to quickly incapacitate or eliminate targeted insects upon contact.
  • Residual Activity:

    • Deltamethrin exhibits good residual activity due to specific physico-chemical properties.
    • Solubility in fatty tissues facilitates penetration into the cuticle of leaves.
    • Very low solubility in water provides excellent rain fastness, ensuring sustained effectiveness even after exposure to rainfall.
    • Very low vapor pressure contributes to resistance against evaporation, maintaining prolonged activity.
  • Pure Isomer Advantage:

    • Being the most effective synthetic pyrethroid because of a single pure isomer enhances its potency and specificity in targeting pests.
  • Repellent Action and Anti-Feeding Properties:

    • Deltamethrin not only acts on direct contact but also demonstrates repellent action, deterring insects, and anti-feeding properties, reducing the attractiveness of treated plants to pests.
  • Contact, Non-Systemic Nature:

    • Deltamethrin is characterized as a contact, non-systemic insecticide, meaning it needs direct contact with the pest for effectiveness.
    • Adequate spray volume is emphasized to ensure good coverage on target plants and insects, maximizing the insecticide's efficacy.

Bayer Decis 100 (Deltamethrin 11% EC)

PriceFrom ₹649.00
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