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Adama Shamir (Tebuconazole 6.7% + Captan 26.9% SC)

Shamir is a fungicide with a dual mode of action, incorporating both contact and systemic actions along with translaminar properties.

  • Dual Mode of Action: Shamir has both contact and systemic actions. This means it can work on the surface of the plant (contact action) as well as be absorbed by the plant and move within its vascular system (systemic action).

  • Translaminar Properties: Translaminar properties suggest that the fungicide can move through the leaf, reaching the upper and lower surfaces. This is beneficial in ensuring more comprehensive protection.

  • Multi-Site Contact Fungicide: Shamir is described as a multi-site contact fungicide. Multi-site fungicides typically target multiple sites in the fungal pathogen, making it more difficult for the fungus to develop resistance.

  • Inhibition Mechanisms:

    • Respiration and Energy Production: Shamir inhibits respiration and energy production in the fungus.
    • Sterol Biosynthesis: It hinders sterol biosynthesis, which is crucial for the structural integrity of fungal cell membranes.
  • Action on Fungal Growth Stages:

    • Spore Germination: Shamir inhibits spore germination.
    • Haustoria: It acts on the formation of haustoria, specialized structures that facilitate nutrient uptake by the fungus.
    • Hyphal Growth: Shamir restricts the growth of fungal hyphae.

Adama Shamir (Tebuconazole 6.7% + Captan 26.9% SC)

PriceFrom ₹519.00
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