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YaraVita Bortrac-150

YaraVita Bortrac 150, a concentrated liquid boron formulation

Concentration and Quality: YaraVita Bortrac 150 is a concentrated liquid boron formulation manufactured with precise quality control standards to ensure consistent analysis, crop safety, and product performance.

Low Viscosity: The product has low viscosity, which enhances its handling, mixing, and spraying properties. This makes it easier to work with during the application process.

Ease of Use: The liquid formulation of YaraVita Bortrac 150 facilitates easy measurement, pouring, and mixing in the spray tank, contributing to user convenience.

Crop Safety: The product is specifically formulated to provide maximum crop safety. This ensures that the application will not cause damage to the crop, helping to maintain its market value.

Purity of Raw Materials: The purity of the raw materials selected for this product is highlighted, emphasizing its safety for application to the crop.

Tank Mixability: YaraVita Bortrac 150 boasts broad tank mixability, making it easy to co-apply with other agrochemicals. This feature saves both time and money for users.

YaraVita Bortrac-150

PriceFrom ₹1,294.00
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