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UPL Gainexa (Ortho Salicylic Acid 0.6%)

Gainexa is a unique patented product designed to provide stable silica to plants.

Composition: Contains Ortho Salicylic Acid at a concentration of 0.6%.

Potential Functions of Ortho Salicylic Acid (OSA):OSA might have roles in signaling pathways related to stress response and defense mechanisms in plants.

Unique Silica Formulation: Claimed to be the only available stable form of silica for plants.

Indicates potential benefits for plant strength, disease resistance, and stress tolerance.

Benefits for Crop Yield and Quality: States improvement in both the quality and quantity of yield.

May enhance overall crop productivity.

Specific Benefits for Rice: reduction in heavy metals in rice grains, which could be important for food safety.

Suggests a reduction in grain breaking during milling, which could contribute to better rice quality.

Lint Quality Improvement: Indicates potential benefits for lint quality in crops like cotton.

UPL Gainexa (Ortho Salicylic Acid 0.6%)

PriceFrom ₹489.00
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