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Rallis Blitox (Copper Oxychloride 50% WP)

Blitox is a copper-based multisite-action fungicide with contact activity typically implies a fungicide that contains copper as its active ingredient and works through multiple mechanisms of action

Broad-Spectrum Protective Fungicide: Blitox is described as a broad-spectrum protective fungicide. This suggests that it is effective against a wide range of fungal diseases, providing comprehensive protection for crops.

Bactericidal Property: In addition to its fungicidal activity, Blitox possesses bactericidal properties. This means that it is effective against bacteria, broadening its spectrum of control to include bacterial diseases.

Long-Lasting Effects: Blitox is said to have long-lasting effects on target diseases. This feature implies that the fungicide provides extended protection, reducing the need for frequent applications and enhancing its overall effectiveness.

Resistance Management: Blitox is highlighted as being helpful in resistance management. This is crucial in agriculture to minimize the development of resistance in target pathogens. The use of products with different modes of action, or with resistance management strategies, helps prolong the efficacy of fungicides.

Safety to Mammals: Blitox is described as safe to mammals, emphasizing that it is a natural compound. Natural compounds are often considered more environmentally friendly and less harmful to non-target organisms, including mammals.

Suitable for Use During Rains or Hailstorms: The mention of Blitox being an excellent fungicide to be used during rains or hailstorms suggests that it has properties, such as good rainfastness, which makes it effective even under adverse weather conditions.

Rallis Blitox (Copper Oxychloride 50% WP)

PriceFrom ₹539.00
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