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Bayer Lesenta (Fipronil 40%+Imidacloprid 40% WG)

Bayer Lesenta is a product designed for white grub control with several features that contribute to its effectiveness.

  • Targeted for White Grub Control:

    • Bayer Lesenta is specifically formulated for controlling white grubs, which are common pests in agricultural settings known for causing damage to plant roots.
  • Dual Action Against Pests:

    • The product utilizes a combination of two modes of chemistry, providing dual action against pests. This includes both systemic action, where the pesticide is absorbed and moves within the plant, and ingestion/contact action, where the pesticide affects pests upon contact or ingestion.
  • Longer Persistence with Excellent Control:

    • Bayer Lesenta is designed to offer longer persistence, indicating that it remains effective for an extended period after application. This longer duration contributes to sustained control of white grubs.
  • Plant Growth Enhancement Effect:

    • Lesenta has demonstrated a plant growth enhancement (PGE) effect. This suggests that, in addition to its pest control properties, it positively influences the growth of plants.
  • Higher Yield and Better Root Growth:

    • The plant growth enhancement effect is expected to lead to higher yields. The dual PGE, which includes better root growth and greener plants, can contribute to overall plant health and productivity.

Bayer Lesenta (Fipronil 40%+Imidacloprid 40% WG)

PriceFrom ₹1,276.00
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