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Adama Plethora (Novaluron 5.25% + Indoxacarb 4.5% SC)
  • Broad Spectrum Lepidopteran Insecticide:

    • Plethora is designed to control a wide range of lepidopteran pests, offering broad-spectrum insecticidal activity.
  • Dual Mode of Action:

    • Plethora has an innovative formulation with a dual mode of action.
    • Acts as a chitin synthesis inhibitor, impacting the insect's ability to produce chitin, a key component of the exoskeleton.
    • Affects the insect nervous system by inhibiting sodium ions entry into nerve cells, leading to the hampering of moulting and paralysis of the insect.
  • Phytotonic Effect:

    • Plethora has a phytotonic effect on the crop, suggesting that it may positively influence plant growth and development.

Adama Plethora (Novaluron 5.25% + Indoxacarb 4.5% SC)

PriceFrom ₹389.00
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