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Adama Nimitz (Fluensulfone 2% GR)

NIMITZ is described as a nematicidal solution, indicating its intended use for controlling nematodes.

  • Chemical Class:

    • NIMITZ belongs to a new chemical class known as fluoroalkenyle (thioether).
  • Innovation and Novelty:

    • It is highlighted as the first new chemical nematicide developed in more than 20 years, emphasizing its novelty in the field of nematicide development.
  • Efficacy Against Nematodes:

    • NIMITZ is described as highly efficacious, providing revolutionary control of plant-parasitic nematodes. This suggests that it offers effective and advanced methods for nematode management.
  • Systemic Activity:

    • NIMITZ exhibits systemic activity, meaning it is absorbed and distributed within the plant, contributing to its effectiveness against nematodes.
  • Quick and Irreversible Action:

    • It causes irreversible paralysis within 24 hours of application and subsequent death in 48 hours, indicating a rapid and potent mode of action.
  • Non-fumigant and Effective Against Root-Knot Nematodes:

    • NIMITZ is described as a non-fumigant nematicide, indicating that it does not rely on fumigation methods for application.
    • It is highly effective against root-knot nematodes, which are a common and economically significant group of plant-parasitic nematodes.

Adama Nimitz (Fluensulfone 2% GR)

PriceFrom ₹599.00
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